Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy Day - Cleaning is Great Exercise! Week 14 Summary

Since I've turned over a new leaf I'm getting spoiled - every week this year (so far) has resulted in some weight loss. Thanks to Five Season's Be A Loser Program - making good choices is having results for me!

Yesterday the weather was so nice it spurred me into action - spring cleaning. When I went to bed on Friday night I made a list of all the things I wanted to get done on Saturday - one of them was exercise. However, I never did take a break to "exercise" as I decided that all the running around, lifting laundry, bending to clean under things, etc. was a workout! I was moving continuously from 7:30AM until I sat down for dinner at 5PM.  My busiest day ever!

The more blue the more action
- over 10 hours Active!

New today in steps-
without taking a walk!

This week I was able to get in more exercise and hit my meal & nutrition plan. Carb management continues to be an issue - I think it's the baked potatoes that are sinking me lately. This week I did have two bites of pizza (it wasn't as good as I remember.)  I discovered a new treat - nonfat greek yogurt with a sugar free low cal caramel sauce, the perfect after dinner, good day ending.

Milestone - since my peak weight, I've lost 51 pounds. It has been 40 pounds since January 2, 2015!

OK the birds are chirping away. It's a great spring morning. As my grandmother often said "Time to get moving, daylight's a wasting."

Today's good choice - hours of gardening!

Teresa Marie

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